KnightShift 1.2

KnightShift offers the best of conventional RPG and RTS games in a mystic world
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KnightShift offers the best of conventional RPG and RTS games in a mystic world, full of fantasy and imagination. The player takes control over heroes, real (funny) or magic characters and leads them to victory and honor.

Set in a living fully three dimensional game environment, KnightShift bewitches your PC with breathtaking graphics and effects. What this engine shows you today wasn´t seen before in a game - only in some graphic benchmarks and demos.

The unique combination of RTS and RPG elements in the SP campaigns, the hardcore gamer dedicated RPG mode for Single and Multiplayer matches and the unique humor of KnightShift brings real innovation into to days gaming world.

The Single Player RTS part of the game consists of three addictive, story driven campaigns. Each of them takes place in a different geographical area and bounds you every minute with new challenges like rescuing a kidnapped Princess or fighting a ferocious Dragon - or combat with nasty, ugly, smelly monsters and the bones of the walking dead.

During the campaigns the player develops his characters and gains access to new weapons, special armor and magic items. He also has the possibility of creating new characters or building new structures. All characters controlled by the player gain experience and go "level-up", increasing their combat potential and magical abilities. The characters may also find special items and weapons, armor and magical amulets, helping them to increase and enhance their skills.

Additionally, an extensive RPG mode surprises with an even larger selection of maps, quests, weapons and enemies, plus a highly improved character development. Skills selection, merchandise, the hiring of helpful characters and character inventories. This RPG Mode for experienced gamers can be played alone or over the Internet in companion network matches.

For RTS fans and friends of massive multiplayer battles, several RTS skirmish and MP modes guarantee endless hours of exciting gameplay.

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